Monday, December 21, 2009


The Hermyzoo! said...

Wow, these are some AMAZING pictures! You have one gorgeous family.

Brent and Brooke said...

Love the pictures and you coordinate so well! Such a pretty family!

Team Smith said...

We miss you guys! Cammy and I always wonder what you are up to??...I hope all is well.
Harrison still hasn't found his next Koye...and probably won't. Total Bummer!
Be well.

Tifani said...

OKAY hottie!!!! those pics are adorable!!! Hey come over to my blog and see why I need your vote! and tell anyone you know to come over and vote too!!! the more the merrier
Love ya tons sista

The Price Family said...

Hey girl...update! I miss hearing whats up... hope you guys are doing great.